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Sushil Bharti

Festival Director, IDFFN

Festival Director - International Documentary Film Festival Noida

Studied at Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia, Sushil Bharti’s career began in 1994 as a casual newsreader at All India Radio. After that, Sushil Bharti formed the basis of scriptwriting and direction and worked in the media world of Delhi for a long time. All the documentary films directed by him were shown on the national channel DD Metro. Some of the television series he produced were “Aasmaan Aur Bhi Hai, In This Our Land, Kuch Naya Sa, Anokhe Classroom, Saare Jahan Se Achcha, Hindustan Humara, Arts Update.” He also produced films for the Ministry of External Affairs like Bismillah & Banaras, Ismat, and Anne. They were shown History Channel. He worked in True Love and Pure Gold for PSBT. He directed the film “The Born of the Hills” for the Tribal Ministry. Also, through several private media companies, he worked for big organizations like Red Cross, UNDP, UNICEF, UNIFEM, Plan India, DFID, Care India. He directed approximately 500 TV programs and documentary films.

Sushil Bharti has gladly accepted this new responsibility of the 10th International Documentary Film Festival. He hopes that filmmakers from all over the world will participate in this festival and their creativity will not only carve this unique film genre but also introduce a new and beautiful world.