About Us

The 12th February has been declared as the International Journalism Day International Journalism Centre – an adjunct of Marwah Studios. Journalism relates to gathering and disseminating news. Journalism as we know today has evolved over several hundred years as a result of technological developments as well as a reflection of change in the society. Good Journalistic coverage provides the first draft of history by enabling the public to understand the meaning of events as they unfold. Journalism exists in a number of man media- newspapers, radio, television and the world wide web through the internet. Global Festival of Journalism Noida is organized around the 12th February every year to celebrate Journalism. Debates, seminars and symposia on the role, rights and responsibility of journalists are held with a view to supporting the emerging and established journalists in their work in various ways. The organizers of Global Festival of Journalism Noida subscribe to the view that mass media is the fourth pillar of democracy. The print, radio, television and on-line journalists are honoured for their notable work during the festival. It is hoped that United Nations organization too will notify the 12th February as the International Journalism Day in the foreseeable future!

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