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Dr. Sandeep Marwah

Festival President, IDFFN

Festival President - ( IDFFN )

The International Documentary Film Festival is touching the 10th edition this year and has grown from national to an international level during these years. We have been receiving documentaries from international film makers which signifies the growth of this festival.

The festival is being presented by International Journalism Centre and is supported by AAFT School of Mass Communication & Journalism, International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry, AAFT University of Media and Arts, International Film and Television Club, International Film and Television Research Centre, International Public Broadcasting Forum and is supported by forums of 60 countries.

We have given ample time for submission of documentaries and the last date for submission is 31st march, 2022. We are looking forward to your submissions which are entitled to participation certificatesand the winners can look forward to enormous prizes and awards.